About us

Verdelo was founded in Stockholm in 2021 with the grand ambition of radically changing the route to market for digital startups. Although we are still a young company, we are certain that we will make a long-term impact.

How We Create Value

We offer exclusive access to the unique growth platform provided by the ICT Group and Crowd1. Utilising this growth engine allows for our portfolio companies to achieve exceptional growth and establish a global customer base in a controlled environment, while simultaneously preparing for entry to the open market.


Our Investment Process

Verdelo will primarily invest in companies where we can leverage our vast and highly engaged global network of individuals as consumers or as an extended sales force. We focus on services and products with true mass market potential, either globally or in a major region. Primarily we look for purely digital distribution business models. This is the niche where our unique market access is truly second to none.

That said, although digital B2C ventures will be our primary focus, we are always open to other business models. In some cases we will also invite our community to invest in potential ventures, acting as a crowdfunding portal to a vetted and approved company.

Our Universe