Empowering digital concepts around the world through crowd marketing.

Welcome to the next generation digital growth enabler and turbo incubator. At Verdelo we turn great digital concepts, whether they are products or services, into companies with a global customer base. And we do it faster than any traditional venture capital or incubator company could even dream of.

How do we do it?

Verdelo is part of a rapidly growing universe containing the world's largest affiliate and influencer marketing community, Crowd1, and the global professional services company, ICT Group. Through this growth engine, we can help digital startups to establish a global presence in a revolutionary way.

Forget about numerous time and equity consuming investment rounds, forget about raising millions and millions to invest in digital marketing through Facebook and Google. Forget about having to build large and costly organisational structures before you need them. Instead, let us support you all the way from your beta phase to a global launch with millions of active customers.

Our partnership with Crowd1 gives us access to a diverse and engaged audience ready to take products for a test drive or act as brand ambassadors and promote them on a local or global scale.

The sales organization, the marketeers, the finance function, the legal and compliance resources, the global customer support, the human resources team – all is handed to you in a structure where we allow you to focus on your core business idea until it's ready to hit the global market.

The successful global launches of social gaming platform Miggster and blockchain based strategy game PLANET IX prove that our system works and is primed for expansion. Let us be your springboard to the global market.

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Let us support you all the way from beta phase to millions of active customers.